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As we go through our lives we experience a multitude of emotions, situations and relationships.

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A Fresh Perspective is just that a new way of looking at the lessons in our lives.

When you find yourself unable to move, stuck in the same old rut, back in the same relationship you just left, strapped in a job going no where, engaged in the same old argument, give it up to MammaD for A Fresh Perspective.

Most times all we need is a second pair of eyes looking at what's happening to get us back on track and moving forward again.

Let Mamma D's be a repository of positive and helpful notions for your lifes lessons.

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My name is Debbie I'm 55 years old, I'm a Mother, a Grandmother, just an average woman going through life. I've been very fortunate in life to have had many people come to me for advice and direction in their lives and decided it was time to expose myself to a larger arena. I don't pretend to have all the answers, but have an excellent repertoire of resources and age groups to draw from if I find myself without a Fresh Perspective.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

I've often been ask the question, and ask the question myself how could we be born of the same parents, grow up in the same household and be so different. I have two older brothers and we are different as night and day and anywhere inbetween. Why us, why them and me and me and them. What fate of destiny brought us together, and where the hell are they when I need them? O.K. of the three of us I am the metaphysical one, my oldest brother is the "religious one" and the other is perhaps a wannabe of both, or, if we could ever sit down and have a rational discussion without each of us trying to push the other ones buttons have the best explanation of all.

When we were children we got along fine, we played games, rode horses, played with imaginary Indians, worked hard, tormented each other, spirited each others causes, whinned and pissed and moaned, but only among each other, God forbid, some stranger should say something negative about the one of the other and we'd take up arms to protect each other. What happened, where did the road turn and we began tippytoeing around each other least we offend, break the peace, severe the communication tie, and never hear or want to be heard from again.
What I'd really like to do is sit down with them and discuss our parents. Who am I kidding, I'm the one left to deal with this process so what do I have to lose. If I piss them off, so be it, they're not helping me anyway so what do I have to lose. On the other hand, if we could sit down and brainstorm, ( that's a novel idea with those two,) wouldn't we all be able to benefit from this experience.

I am wondering,do other people have this same situation with their siblings? Why is it that one child,out of how ever many there are,usually ends up the only one dealing with aging parents, or other family situations. I'd really like to know how to communicate better with my brothers so that together we could be the most supportive for our parents.
Any one have fresh perspective??

A Fresh Perspective